This is not an exclusive list. More help is always welcomed. Please contact Zora Ronan if you'd like to volunteer.

Spring Plant Sale – May 10 Colleen Hansen, Chair
Helpers: Catherine Hansen, Steve and Joyce Parsons, Kay Hill, Sherry McCarville, Shirley Waters, Scott Feddern, Gary Oster, Rex and Barb McCreight, Jo Lynn Johnson

Club Plant Distribution – May 24 – Keith Riewerts, Chair
Helpers: Kathy and Clay Dawson, Sherri Baldonado, Kay Hill, Sherry McCarville, Jan Rogers, Barb Papenhausen (Friday), Heather Harroun

Food:  Sara Hankemeier, Lyle Moen, Joyce Parsons, Myrna & Loren Hass, Lynn & Randy Kroemer

Iris Committee – Sherri Baldonado, Chair
Helpers: Nancy Carlisle, Lynn Stoll

Club Garden Tour – July 19 – Karmin Mullins, Chair
Helpers: Sue Kramer, Sherry McCarville, Nancy Carlisle

Fall Plant Sale – August 23 – Colleen Hansen, Chair
Helpers: Lynn & Randy Kroemer, Catherine Hansen, Brenda & Roger Knipper, Sherry McCarville, Myrna & Loren Hass, Shirley Waters, Sue Kramer, Jan Rogers, Jo & Dick Palmer

Silent Auction – August 23 Heather Harroun, Chair
Helpers: Colleen Hansen, Catherine Hansen, Sara Hankemeier, Nancy Carlisle, Mary & Verne Moore

Fall Banquet – November 8 – Nancy Rash, Chair
Helpers: Keith Riewerts, Robert & Suzanne Moffit, Sherri Baldonado

Membership Committee
– Nancy Carlisle, Chair
Helper: Jonathan Poulton