CVIDS Archives - 2021

2021 Calendar of Events

January Meeting (Zoom)
(also here)

February Meeting (Zoom)

March Meeting (Zoom)

Club Plant Eligibility

ADS Region 1 Summer Meeting (cancelled because of COVID pandemic)

CVIDS Open Gardens:
Heather Harroun
Myrna Hass
Barb McCreight
Gary Oster
Keith & Sally Riewerts
Cornell College Gardens

Fall Public Plant Sale, Club Plant Return and Auction

Hybridizers' Roundup:
Keith Riewerts
Sue Kramer
Barb & Bob Papenhausen
Heather Harroun
Jonathan Poulton
Jackie Westhoff

Fall Banquet

Betty Miller Photo Contest (postponed until 2022)

In Memoriam (to be updated)

2021 CVIDS Leadership Team (to be updated)

CVIDS Bylaws

Members' Handbook

2021 Newsletters