Two Articles You Shouldn't Miss!

Embedded in the Spring 2021 Edition of ADS Region One's Daylily Pioneer are two articles written by our Past President Nancy Rash that I recommend you read. "Unstoppable" is the first article (pp. 14-15). It describes how Lowden resident Gary Oster, who has been a CVIDS member for almost 15 years now, became hooked on daylilies and went on to plant a beautiful home garden, get involved in hybridization, and establish several extensive daylily gardens at his alma mater Cornell College in Mount Vernon. His first registered cultivar is "Gary's Unstoppable Gold' (Oster, 2017), which incidentally has fared very well in Colorado, lights up our front yard, and has drawn the attention of many passersby.  Titled “Memories of Region One Summer Meeting 2015”, the second article can be found on p.16 and is a highly amusing account of when Nancy and her sister Peggy Rash-Daniels met for that event.  Nancy had known for years that Peggy enjoyed auctions but was surprised and delighted when her sister quickly took to daylilies and went home with a treasure trove of acquisitions!  I’ll leave you to read about their bandana story!  Thank you, Nancy, for two fine articles.