Fall Banquet 2022

From the Fall Banquet Committee: 
Thank you to all the members attending the Annual CVIDS Fall Banquet on November 12, 2022.  We had a great day with 58 members and guests in attendance. Our speaker, Bret Clement, secured by Keith Riewerts, was informative and fun.  We sure liked hearing about how he named the daylilies.  A big shout out to members that contributed door prizes and raffle items to make for some fun gifts.  A huge thanks to members bidding during the 50/50 auction of markers and daylilies.  The funds will be added to our club treasury.  The photo contest organized by Heather Harroun had ample entries and beautiful photos.  We want to thank you for your attendance and participation in the Fall Banquet that is our celebration of the year.  Thanks to Shelly Lett (Treasurer) and Joyce Parsons (Vice President) for serving as officers.  Thank you, Cari, for serving as Secretary! Here are her meeting minutes from the Fall Banquet. We appreciate all their work! Congratulations to Jackie Westhoff for accepting the new position of CVIDS Treasurer.

Co-chairs of the 2022 CVIDS Fall Banquet:  Nancy Rash & Lyle Moen, Sherry and Lynn Moffit

Please click on this Bret Clement daylily to view a slideshow of photos taken during the afternoon.

Our thanks go to Lyle Moen and Keith Riewerts for their excellent photography.

CVIDS Fall Banquet Reports
Each year following the CVIDS Fall Banquet, notes are made about the event to be shared with the Club and the CVIDS Board.  With permission from our President Darrin, Nancy Rash is hereby providing the report prepared for 2022 including the reports back to 2013.   Many thanks to the committee and their long tenure as CVIDS Fall Banquet Co-Chairs.  The donations for the raffle and door prizes are appreciated.  Thank you for attending and showing your interest and support for the CVIDS Fall Banquet.  The Radisson Hotel and Conference Center is a great venue and appreciates our business.