2022 Fall Public Sale, Club Plant Return & Auctions

Please check your inbox for two key emails from Committee Chair Diane Derganz on August 10th. In these, she provides information about the following items:

1) The 2022 Silent Auction: Diane provides Club Plant bid sheets & photos listing those cultivars which club members have nurtured in their gardens for the past 3 years. The bid sheets also contain individual evaluations by the growers as to how their plant performed in their garden. Please submit your bids to Diane Derganz by email or phone (her contact information will not be posted here but is provided in her emails).

Deadline for your bids is 8 pm on Sunday, August 21st, so don't delay! This year, we have many very reasonably priced daylilies, so please support this very important club project!!!

As in the past, we are asking that your bids be in odd amounts (preferably 25 cent increments) to avoid duplicates. You will be notified as soon as possible if you submitted a winning bid. Those with email addresses WILL BE NOTIFIED BY EMAIL ONLY, so please watch your mail. Phone calls will be made to members who do not have an email address. If more fans are returned than stated on the bid sheets, you still may be a successful bidder, so please check with the committee before you leave that morning.

Winners, who will receive the largest double fan of the returned cultivars, must pick up and pay for their plants at the silent auction tables in the Youth Center at the Fairgrounds. If unable to do so personally, they should arrange for a proxy to collect and pay for the plants, letting the chair know of this arrangement. In case of ties, the earliest postmark or email wins.

2) Return of Club Plants: Those members who are bringing back the club plants for the auction are responsible for getting them to Monticello by 10 am that morning. Your returning bare root daylilies should be clearly labeled, with the roots clean and the foliage clipped to about 8 inches. If unable to come yourself, please make alternate arrangements for transport of your plants. Check your daylilies in at the Silent Auction tables just inside the Youth Center doors. Do not leave them there without having your name and plant information recorded. If you have any questions, please contact Diane, who will try to answer your concerns.