I. Fifteen-Minute Presentations:


January 14: Zora Ronan, '2016 AHS Awards'

January 14: Nancy Carlisle, 'What Can the Scapes Tell You'

January 16: Zora Ronan, '2015 AHS Awards'

February 13: Barb Papenhausen, 'Digging the Hole'

April 9: Barbara McCreight, 'The Pre-emergent that Saved my Garden'

October 8: Nancy Carlisle, 'Dividing Iris'

January 17:
Zora Ronan, '2014 AHS Awards'

January 17:
Dave Appelquist, '2014 Seedlings'

February 14:
Barb Papenhausen, 'Chemicals, Soils, and Coir'

April 11:
Doug Jones, 'Underground Railroad Book Release'

October 10:
Barbara McCreight and Ginger Pruess, 'Glass Ornaments as Garden Art'

January 11: Zora Ronan, '2013 AHS Awards''

March 8: Loren Hass, 'Water Barrels'

April 12: Diann Pavelka, 'Creating a Facebook Page for CVIDS?'

October 11: Carol Hodgden, 'Daylily Quilts'

January 12:
Zora Ronan, 'AHS Awards System'

February 9: Gerald Hobbs, 'Hybridizing ABCs'

March 23: Nancy Carlisle, 'Marking Daylilies'

April 13: Sylvia Seymour, 'Betty Miller Photo Contest'

October 12: Jonathan Poulton, 'Proliferations - Cheap Clones'

II. Articles by CVIDS Members:

1) "Out of the Blue, part 2", by Jonathan Poulton. The Daylily Journal, Spring 2014, pp. 41-45 (courtesy of the American Hemerocallis Society)