November 15, 2020:
Many updates today, I have posted the November Newsletter.  A couple of postings on the Bulletin Board include the Fall 2020 Hybridizers postings.  While we can't enjoy the banter and explanations in person, this will have to be the next best thing.   Also posted is infiormation on the ADS annual awards.  (thank you Jonathan for the heads up)  Also, please note, that the Photo Contest is on!  If you can send digital prints to my email (mjduffy.ia@gmail.com) that would be great or send them to my home and I will scan them.  DEADLINE is November 30th. Please review the categories that were posted on 9/6/2020 on the the Bulletin Board.  The voting process is TBD.

I am so glad that, as a club we have chosen not to meet during this pandemic.  The UIHC is under surge right now.  What does that mean?  We have transitioned more beds/units to be ICU's.  We have taken procedure recovery areas and made them inpatient units.  We have pulled staff from outpatient, OR and procedural areas to work on the expanded inpatient units.  We are reducing elective procedures.  Our frontline staff are working extremely hard.  All accross Iowa, hospitals are doing their best to treat everyone and keep themselves safe.  Our CEO and leadership have been asking staff to adhere to the strictest safety precautions as we can't do without them.  This means, smaller Thanksgiving and Christmas plans, with just those in their "bubble".   We can all do our part to keep people healthy and out of the hospital.  It is so simple; WEAR A MASK!


October 6, 2020:

Many updates today, seems like this is going to be a monthly occurance.  I have added the 2020 Club Plant Recipients in the Club Plant Database page. Also posted is the October Newsletter.  The condolences for Ginger Pruess' mother, charter member Robert Little and the mother of Sherry Moffit have been posted on the Bulletin Board My daughter in law Sol has been helping me get the gardens cleared for winter.  I actually have a lily actively blooming (one of Jonathan's seeelings from a few years ago) and 2 others have buds (also Jonathan's).  Speaking of Jonathan, he and Susie made a quick trip back to Iowa.  Jonathan wanted to get a few more plants out of his nursery to transplant back in Colorado.  He has to worry about SNOW and FREEZING temperatures.  Though speaking with them Sunday night, there are many days in the 80's there.  They spent time also visition friends and helped celebrate my youngest Logan's 26th b-day.  We also wrangled a evening around the fire pit with our card club pals.  S'mores.. and adult beverages.  Who knew red wine is a great pairing! 

Please review the Calendar.  The survey that Nancy sent to those on email, resulted in a resounding cancellation of our October meeting.  We are holding out hope for November;  No matter though.  Even though we will not meet in person we will be posting the Hybridizers Roundup, courtesy of Heahter Harroun.  Get in touch with her, if you have seedlings to share.  I actually crossed 2 lillies (actually a few more than that but only 1 pair resulted in pods).  We'll see how it goes.  Also, I will still plan on having the Betty Miller contest.  We'll figure out a voting mechanism.... stay tuned.

Finally, I hope this finds you all able to putter around the gardens and that everyone is staying healthy. 

September 6:
A lot of updates today.  I once again must apologize for not being on top of the website.  It seems I am very disorganized and lacking when compared to my predecessor Jonathan, he left big shoes to fill!.  I find that working all day on the computer, at home these days, makes getting on the computer again, at home a bit daunting.  I will try and do better.  Since this will be the case for a while longer.  At work, we are no longer planning coming back into the office this fall.  With Iowa CIty and Ames being COVID hotbeds, it seems that keeping us "behind the scene" support folks isolated and well, makes alot of business sense.  I've been on more web meetings than I ever thought possible.  Our IT team has been making a point of turning on our web cams, to at least feel like we're together.  Of course that has alot of angst attached with it, like washing my hair and wearing at least a businees appropriate top.  Ha ha.

So what's new.  I apparently missed the July Newsletter so that has now been posted. The 2020 Calendar has been corrected.  We still have the potential to have our October and November meetings, fingers crossed.  Also the September Newsletter is hot off the presses.    The Iris Recipient List has been added to the Club Plant Database page. A reminder was emailed from Diane Derganz regarding your Club Plant returns.  Since we are not returning this fall please make notes about your returns so that you can be ready for a potential spring return.  I have the return list posted and you are asked to evaluate:

(1 Poor, 2 fair, 3 average, 4 good and 5 excellent.)


HARDINESS:  Does the plant establish itself well and grow stronger each year?

SCAPE/BRANCHING: Is the scape strong enough to support the flowers?  Is it well branched?


FLOWER: Do the flowers have good substance and hold their color during the day?  Do they open well?


DISTINCTION: Has the flower a distinctive quality that makes it special?  Is the form and texture unique or the color, pattern or blending of colors different?


Any other comments you’d like to make.

Last but not least The 2020 Barbara Miller Photo Contest is still a possability even if it may be virtual.  I have posted details for the contest on the Bulletin Board.

Joe and I did get out of town and travelled in mid-July to visit Jonathan and Susie in Fort Collins, Colorado.   We had a wonderful time.  Their house is lovely and their spreading the daylilies they brought with them throughout their yard.  There were many blooms and Jonathan just can't help himself, he's continuing to Hybridize.  While there we visited many sites, the CSU test gardens were amazing and Rocky Mountain National Park was amazing.  And, of course, we visited a day lily hybridizer in the area, there is a small AHS club.  Definitely not as mighty as CVIDS.  Being part of such a vibrant club is really amazing.

August 17:
that I am so delinquent posting on the website.  The August Newsletter and Supplement have been uploaded.  The daylily gardens pictured in the newsletter(s) are wonderful.  

June 17:
What an amazing June so far.  I have been working from home since mid-March.  I've set up my office so that it looks onto my daylily bad.  I can't wait to see them bloom.  Nancy's has an announcement from Region 1, please take a look on the Bulletin Board. Continue to stay safe and hope to see you all soon.  Send in open garden dates to Nancy and we will get them posted.  Also, checkout our latest Brochure, thanks to Heather Harroun!

June 4:
April showers brings May flowers and June is bursting at the seams. Lots of great Iris are blooming and I love seeing the posts on FB.  I have uploaded the June Newsletter and Nancy's note to us all is on the Bulletin Board.  Stay safe and hope to see you all soon.
May 23:
I hope that everyone finds themselves healthy and that their gardens are flourishing.  With all the cool weather and rain I think my weeds are winning.  I finally had some iris bloom.  On the Bulletin Board is a message from Nancy Rash and information about Sam and Mary McCord.

May 4:
May the Fourth be with you! 
We are having continued issues with GoDaddy.  This most recent issue was due to a denial of service broadcast by hackers.  They send so many requests to view that the server goes down.  I  am looking into firewall options. There are a few new things on the website.  The May Newsletter has been loaded.  Also the 2020 Club Plant return list will be emailed to members as a reminder for August. 

April 22: 
Happy Wednesday.  I was able to load up the website last night (or maybe it was Monday)In any event, all should be back on line.  Sorry for the delay. 

April 7:

Please check out the Bulletin Board for a message from Nancy and Keith about a future Regional Meeting committment.  What is everyone's thoughts about hosting in 2022 or 2024?

April 5: 
Or March 36th?  I apologize for the website issues.  I spent an hour and half on the phone with GoDaddy and it is finally resolved.

I hope everyone is well and are coping with the COVID-19 restrictions.  A lot has changed quickly. 

  -The Regional meeting "20/20: A Perfect Daylily Vision" has been officially cancelled.  Here is the official cancellation letter from Keith Riewerts.  

  - I have added a PDF format of the 2020 Club Plant Lily photos.  The 2020 distribution will be a little different this year.  Barb Papenhausen will be calling everyone for their selections.  Joyce Parsens sent an email with your listed phone number.  If that is incorrect call or email Barb - Repap5@mchsi.com  In order to be eligible dues were due by April 1st. 

The April Newsletter is out.  Thanks again to our fearless leader Nancy and her sidekick  Lyle for the great information and continuity even in these odd times.

March 17:  Happy St. Patrick's day.  I have received the 2020 Club Plant Lily Powerpoint from Barb via Keith also the spreadsheet (in PDF format).  We have some really nice plants for the membership who get to select a plant and for the free-for-all afterwards as we bid on the leftovers. 

February 29:  Happy Leap Day.  The March Newsletter has been uploaded to the website.  As has the 2020 Iris Plant selections.  Please see the updates on the Bulletin Board regarding the March 14th meeting in Williamsburg.  Also please see the February Meeting Minutes.

January 30: The day before the UK officially leaves the European Union! Aaaaagh for both sides! On a more positive note, I'm positive that you'll find on the Bulletin Board some information about CVIDS' February 8th meeting in Iowa City as well as a preliminary notice about a March 21st meeting organized by the Leopold Landscape Alliance.

January 22:
Are you tired of looking out your window and seeing snow and ice? Have you had enough of snow shoveling yet? Yes, I realize that it's January in Iowa but how about thinking "Summer" for a moment? Visit the Bulletin Board to learn the latest about the Region One Summer Meeting that CVIDS is organizing for July 10-12th. I promise you that it'll surely take your mind off the cold and the Packers' loss for a while!

January 19:
Uploaded information on the Calendar about CVIDS' March meeting.

January 10:
Tomorrow's meeting in Iowa City has been canceled. The weather forecast for Iowa City from tonight through Sunday is frankly appalling, and we don't want our club members to be out of the roads on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on February 8th. All the best to you and your family for the New Year!

January 1, 2020:
Welcome to the new decade! This is Mary Jo, who is working with Jonathan this month before taking over as your new webmaster on February 1st! So far, so good! On the Bulletin Board, you will find the following new items: (i) information about our January 11th meeting in Iowa City, (ii) a link to the January 2020 Newsletter, (iii) a list of members current as of December 31st, 2019, and (iv) a list of members eligible to receive club plants in May, provided their membership dues for 2020 have been paid to Susie by April 1st. Would you like to know what's on our 2020 club calendar? Then try here!