January 17: Posted the 2023 CVIDS Board members as currently known. Several open positions are evident.

January 16:
Please visit the Bulletin Board to see the minutes from the club meeting on January 14. You will notice that there are several openings for chairpersons this year. If you are interested to volunteer, please contact Darrin Lett at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

January 10:
Posted the agenda for tomorrow's Board Meeting on the Bulletin Board.

January 8, 2023:
Updated information on the Bulletin Board about the January 11th Board meeting and the January 14th Business Meeting.

December 11:
Posted the November Fall Banquet meeting minutes. Thank you, Cari!

November 22:
Posted on Bulletin Board and on the Archives page reports from the Fall Banquet Committee (2013-2022). Special thanks to the 2022 Banquet Committee: Nancy Rash, Lyle Moen, Sherry Moffit, and Lynn Moffit!

November 20:
Check out the Bulletin Board. As promised, I have constructed a Powerpoint present-ation of the Photo Contest winners. That will make viewing far easier! I have also updated our quest to find two new officers for 2023.

November 18:
On the Bulletin Board, you will find that I have linked photographs to the names of winning Photo Contest entries.

November 15:
Please visit the Bulletin Board to access an overview provided by the co-chairs of last Saturday's Fall Banquet, a slideshow of photos taken by Lyle Moen and Keith Riewerts, and a list of winners in the 2022 Betty Miller Photo Contest.

November 12:
Please click here for today's Business Meeting Agenda.

November 10:
Posted the October 22 Meeting Minutes.

November 2:
Posted on the Bulletin Board an important update from the Fall Banquet co-chairs.

October 30:
Please visit the Bulletin Board to see the latest update on our Fall Banquet, now only two weeks away. Lots of new information about the cultivars being auctioned. Check out the good deals!

October 29:
Winter is coming! Here are a couple of reads that I heartily recommend.

October 26:
Powerpoint presentations from our recent Hybridizers' Roundup are available on the Bulletin Board.

October 25:
We are looking for volunteers to serve as Club Vice President and Treasurer. If you're interested to serve in either capacity, please contact President Darrin as soon as possible. Thank you!

October 24:
Breaking news! Please visit the Bulletin Board to discover who will be the featured speaker at our November 12th Fall Banquet in Coralville!

October 22:
On the Home Page, the top right corner of the menu of choices provides you a new choice.......... 2023 Regional Meeting. In future weeks and months, this is where I'd advise you visit to find the latest information about that fun event in Muscatine, Iowa, in July 2023.

October 18:
Visit the Bulletin Board for the latest information about the 2023 ADS Region One Summer Meeting in Muscatine, Iowa, hosted by CVIDS.

October 18:
Many apologies for not posting on our website for the past 4-5 weeks. Two reasons. Jonathan and Susie were in England to visit his elder brother Richard who had suffered a severe stroke and had been in hospital for two months. Luckily, they were able to visit him before he passed away. Returning to Fort Collins, it was found that, for some unclear reason, Jonathan no longer could access the CVIDS website as webmaster. Thanks to Mary Jo, Jonathan is now back at the helm with a functioning website. Should you wish to have material posted, please contact him by email (jonathan-poulton@uiowa.edu). Today you will find on the Bulletin Board information from Nancy Rash about the November 12 Annual Fall Banquet, the Betty Miller Photo Contest, and how to pay your 2023 membership dues. Please take notice of the deadlines.

September 13:
Posted on the Bulletin Board an invitation to attend a July 2023 Muscatine Regional Planning Meeting.

September 8:
Please visit the Bulletin Board to: (i) receive alerts about club members and their immediate family members, (ii) access minutes for the June and August 2022 club meetings, and (iii) obtain updates on the September and October club meetings.

September 5:
Uploaded photos from the Fall Sale and Auctions kindly provided by Nancy Rash.

August 18:
The Bulletin Board relays the sad tidings of the passing of Lyle Moen's son Richard in Buena Vista, CO, on August 6th. Also, it provides a gentle reminder that bids for this year's Silent Auction must be received by Diane Derganz by Sunday, August 21st.

August 15:
Posted an overview of the recent ADS Region One Summer Meeting at Marshalltown, IA, that includes photos kindly provided by Lyle Moen. Thank you, Lyle!

August 11:
Please check on the Bulletin Board for vital information from Committee Chair Diane Derganz regarding the return of club plants and submission of bids for the Silent Auction. Thank you, Diane!

August 7:
On the Bulletin Board, you'll find updated information about our August 27th Fall Public Plant Sale and Club Plant Return in Monticello. Please note that there will be an informal in-person meeting about the plans for the 2023 Region One Summer Regional Meeting at 11 am.

June 9:
I am sorry to relay the sad news of the passing of Diane Derganz's husband Larry. Please go to Bulletin Board.

June 27:
Please consult the Bulletin Board for: (i) change of date for CVIDS' Fall Public Plant Sale and Club Plant Return, and (ii) a link to the obituary for Karmin Mullins' mother Verla Dorlena (Potratz) Mullins.

June 14:
Check out the Bulletin Board for an Open Garden invitation from the Harroun Family!

June 7:
Please access the Bulletin Board for details about our June 11th meeting in Iowa City.

May 21:
Posted on the Bulletin Board a meeting report and photos of yesterday's plant distribution and auction kindly forwarded by Nancy Rash, also a photo from Keith Riewerts.

May 20:
Uploaded to the Bulletin Board a revised "By Hybridizer" list of club daylilies from Heather and a list and photos of club iris plants kindly provided by LeAnn Pisarik, Shelley Lett and Diann Pavelka.

May 19:
For a photographic overview of the entire collection of 2022 Club Plants, please click here.

May 18:
Please check the Bulletin Board for updated information about Saturday's Club Plant Distribution and Auction.

April 23:
Uploaded information on the Bulletin Board about our Spring Plant Sale on Saturday, May 7, at the Muscatine Environmental Learning Center (Discovery Park Pavilion).

April 22:
Posted a quick review of our April 9th club meeting including a link to the minutes.

April 6:
Posted additional information on the Bulletin Board about next Saturday's club meeting in Coralville, including information about two presentations by Heather Harroun and Nancy Carlisle, respectively, and the agenda for the business meeting.

April 1:
Since 2019, CVIDS has lost several of its senior members including three charter members. The In Memoriam page has been updated as a remembrance to these fine folk and their contributions to our club.

March 24:
Posted a preliminary notice on the Bulletin Board about our next club meeting on April 9th.

March 20:
Uploaded the archive of club activities in 2021.

March 17:
Posted on the Bulletin Board: (i) information pertaining to the upcoming visitation and funeral services for Mary Moore, (ii) an invitation from President Darrin to an organizational meeting via Zoom for the 2023 ADS Summer Regional Meeting, (iii) minutes of our March 12th meeting, and (iv) an archive of club activities in 2020, brought together with much assistance from Nancy and Lyle's Newsletters, Diann's Facebook page, and PowerPoint presentations kindly provided by Heather. Many thanks to all mentioned! Now, I'm turning to all members to help me fill in any gaps, especially with respect to the list of 2020 Board members. If I have omitted anyone or made an error, please understand that it's not by design. Please contact Jonathan (jonathan-poulton@uiowa.edu) with desired revisions or additions. Thank you so much! I am aware that three members passed away in 2020 (Gertrude Pheiffer, Mary McCord, and Robert Little). I extend belated sympathies to their loved ones and will soon be providing photos and links to their obituaries in the In Memoriam pages of this website.

March 16:
Please access the Bulletin Board for some sad news received early today of the passing of CVIDS charter member and friend Mary Moore. A review of last Saturday's club meeting is also posted there.

March 14:
Added a direct link on the Home Page to our CVIDS Facebook Group. Working on the club's 2020 and 2021 archives. Definitely a work in progress! Hope you're patient!

March 12:
Members, if you'd prefer to attend today's club meeting via Zoom rather than in person, please check your emails for a Zoom link from Darrin and Nancy. Looking forward to seeing you!

March 11:
Made an announcement about the upcoming ADS Region One Summer Regional Meeting in Marshalltown in mid-July.

March 10:
Posted the 2021 Club Archives.

March 9:
Uploaded the agenda for Saturday, March 12, CVIDS Meeting.

March 8:
Updated the 2022 CVIDS calendar (tentative).

March 7:
Posted information about the March 12 CVIDS Club Meeting in Williamsburg.

March 6:
Club meeting minutes and Board meeting minutes through February 2022 have been uploaded.

March 5, 2022:
All CVIDS Newsletters from 1990 until November 2021 can be accessed at: http://www.cvids.org/newsletter.html